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Bet you thought Benzoin was something scary

When you are striving to use products that contain only natural ingredients, like me, I’m sure one of the first things you do is look at the back of a bottle to see what a product contains. The word ‘benzoin’ makes a regular appearance, and might strikes up images of ‘benzene’ for you, based solely on the sound of the word. Don’t worry, that happened to me too. So I did a bit of research, to find out what the scary-sounding ingredient actually is. It turns out, benzoin is a resinoid. Great, now I need to find out what a resinoid is. Merriam-Webster online gives the following definition: ‘a product consisting of a mixture of gum and resin usually collected by making an incision in a plant and allowing the juice which exudes to solidify’. Okay, that takes a lot of the scariness away then. Benzoin is a natural ingredient after all. It can come in tincture form, as an essential oil, or an extract. In cosmetics it is used as a preservative, and its vanilla fragrance enhances the smell of the products it is used in. According to EWG (environmental Working Group), it is not known to be an environmental toxin. If you’d like to know more, visit

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